AI+MD: New Book

GSAS Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Dominique Monlezun, has published his latest bioethics book on AI and human rights according to our mission to advance patient care ethically and scientifically, as he proposes a comprehensive multicultural dialogue among medicine, data science, and philosophy that unites our diverse world’s secular and religious belief systems in an attempt to understand each of us as unique persons and so protect our common future.

GSAS Chief Data Scientist (Dominique Monlezun, MD, PhD, PhD, MPH) is AI+MD: our leading voice advocating for patients through ethical and effective AI, from the world’s first doctoral-level physician-data scientist and ethicist. Dr. Monlezun regularly breaks down the latest AI advances and their ethical aspects to empower and unite scientists, health professionals, policy makers, politicians, and community members to protect patients and vulnerable patient populations globally and locally.

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