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Our Mission

Physician-led and patient-inspired, GSAS (Global System Analytics & Structures, LLC) empowers our clients to solve humanity’s most pressing health challenges through AI-driven analytics, strategies, and policies.

Our Story

A heart attack killed our founder’s grandfather in a ‘code blue’, as his poor town lacked the basic infrastructure to ensure life-saving treatment. So GSAS’s blue honors him and patients globally who urgently deserve clinically effective, cost efficient, socially equitable healthcare.

Our Team

Our multi-national team brings the best of AI to solve the biggest challenges. We work shoulder to shoulder with you and your community until the job's done. Whether you are a scientist, medical provider, policy-maker, health system, or nation, we understand your problems and can solve them. We believe together we can heal healthcare, and so humanity.

Our Leader

Dominique Monlezun, MD, PhD, PhD, MPH is our CEO/Chief Data Scientist and AI+MD—advancing patient care through ethical and effective AI, from the world’s first doctoral-level physician-data scientist and ethicist. Through 300+ publications, books, and international presentations and our AI+MD blog, it's his life mission to achieve our mission: AI-healing healthcare.

Let's begin

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