AI+MD: Machine Learning Meets Healthy Cooking

Can machines help us improve health and equity? Cambridge University Press published one of our research team’s recent papers serving as the first such machine learning-guided meta-analysis (of medical trainee competency improvement in nutrition counseling) informing the first cohort study of patient diet improvement through medical trainees and providers counseling patients on nutrition. Across the scientific literature, improved diet translates into improved health, lower costs, and greater societal equity for greater numbers of people compared to the more expensive treatments that often are restricted to the smaller but higher income communities. So among 5,847 subjects, this study asks whether new generations of health providers can be trained to improve health and equity through better diets with hands-on cooking and nutrition education. Physicians and patients, parents and children, people from all walks of life working alongside each other in the kitchen and eating across each other at the table.

GSAS Chief Data Scientist (Dominique J Monlezun, MD, PhD, PhD, MPH) is AI+MD: our leading voice advocating for every patient equally through ethical and effective AI, from the world’s first dual doctoral-level trained physician-data scientist and ethicist. Dr. Monlezun regularly breaks down the latest AI advances and their ethical aspects to empower and unite health professionals, scientists, policy makers, politicians, and community members to protect patients and vulnerable patient populations globally and locally.

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