AI+MD: Improving CardioOncology with equity-focused machine learning

Congratulations to MDAnderson‘s Dr. Iliescu and colleagues on our recent CardioOncology publication seeking to improve clinical and socioeconomic disparities for all. Can there be good analytics without good ethics, and vice versa? Can we improve health outcomes by not just improving treatments but also the equity with which those treatments are offered to as many patients as possible? This publication sought to understand among cancer patients who are historically offered such cardiac treatment options like PCI at lower rater than non-cancer patients, how outcomes can be optimized. By making ethics concrete through analytics, and analytics just through ethics focused on the good of every patient, this publication hopes to advance excellent care equitably.

GSAS Chief Data Scientist (Dominique J Monlezun, MD, PhD, PhD, MPH) is AI+MD: our leading voice advocating for every patient equally through ethical and effective AI, from the world’s first dual doctoral-level trained physician-data scientist and ethicist. Dr. Monlezun regularly breaks down the latest AI advances and their ethical aspects to empower and unite health professionals, scientists, policy makers, politicians, and community members to protect patients and vulnerable patient populations globally and locally.

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